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Building A Better BBQ Sauce

Geaux Rouge and Whole Foods Market presented “Building A Better BBQ Sauce” at the LSU AgCenter Sensory Services Lab on August 31, 2017.

The lab is working to develop different and better tasting sauces. Graduate student Jose Alonso has been researching a healthier alternative to traditional barbecue sauce.

“Tonight is a follow-up on the sodium reduction approach that we have been working on in the sensory lab,” Alonso said. “The overall idea is to make food products healthier and how science and technology is put into work in the goal to achieve that. My barbecue sauce has less than one-tenth of the sodium content of the average barbecue sauce on the market. Taste-wise, you can tell there is a difference, but it is within acceptable limits.”

Some others who helped Alonso host the event were attorney and owner of Geaux Rouge Franz Borghardt, Professor Witoon Prinyawiwatkul and Sensory Lab Manager Ashley Gutierrez.

“The overall objective is to promote healthy foods while having fun,” Alonso said.

Guests divided into groups to compete to create the best barbecue sauce. They were given Jose’s barbecue sauce as a base and added various ingredients to alter it to their tastes. Among the ingredients were garlic, onions, bacon bits, brown sugar and much more, but no salt.

After 20 minutes, each group evaluated the other's sauces. Guests agreed that making barbecue sauce without salt was difficult, but when tasting the sauces, they said they did not taste like they lacked salt.

“On social media, prior to this event, I know a lot of barbecue enthusiasts and I asked them, ‘what is the most essential ingredient in barbecue sauce?’ The most common answer was vinegar,” Borghardt said. “Nobody said salt.”

The Sensory Services Lab has an electronic tongue that can measure sweetness, saltiness and bitterness, similar to a human tongue. They also have sensory testing booths where researchers can conduct tests with very little communication to avoid bias. The lab also has color lighting to mask color differences between samples to enhance focus on the flavor, Gutierrez said.

During the first week of September, the lab conducted tests involving peanuts and pecans. Consumers who participate in various taste tests are called Tiger Tasters. Anyone 18 years or older can sign up to be a Tiger Taster with the lab, Gutierrez said.

Additional images are available on our Gallery page

  --written by Hailey Auglair, The Daily Reveille, 31 August 2017. [permalink]

2017 Gamma Sigma Delta Faculty and Student Awards

Spring 2017 Gamma Sigma Delta Awards

The Distinguished Achievement in Agriculture Award
This award was given to Dr. Subramaniam Sathivel, Professor in School of Nutrition and Food Sciences and Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, who has made an outstanding contribution, either directly or indirectly, to agriculture in the last 5 years in the form of teaching, research, extension or other distinguished service. Such distinguished service may be in any field related to agriculture.
The Distinguished Achievement in Agriculture International Award
This award is given to Dr. Witoon Prinyawiwatkul, Professor in School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, who has made great achievements/contributions to agricultural and related sciences at the state, national and/or international levels in teaching, research, extension, or other distinguished service such as administration over the past five years. Such distinguished contributions may be in any field so long as it was directly or indirectly related to agriculture. Dr. Prinyawiwatkul was chosen as the recipient in the Fall of 2016 by the International Officers of Gamma Sigma Delta (GSD), the Honor Society of Agriculture.
The Gamma Sigma Delta Research Certificate of Merit
This award was given to Dr. Achyut Adhikari, Assistant Professor in School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, who is an active researcher and has made an outstanding contribution either directly or indirectly related to agriculture.
The Gamma Sigma Delta Award of Merit Teacher Honor Roll
This award was given to Dr. Kayanush Aryana and Dr. Witoon Prinyawiwatkul, Professors in School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, who have demonstrated excellent quality in and dedication to teaching.
The Gamma Sigma Delta Outstanding M.S. Student Award
This award was given to Franklin Bonilla, who is enrolled in a M.S. program in the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences and has excelled in coursework and other professional and research activities.
The Gamma Sigma Delta Outstanding Graduate Student Merit Honor Roll Award
This award was given to Bennett A. Dzandu, Emmanuel Kyereh, Kennet Carabante, and Vijay Singh Chhetri, all Ph.D. students in the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, who have demonstrated quality in their graduate careers, as evidenced by their performance in classes and professional activities such as research or service.
SPIN Poster Competition Award
This award was given to Cameron Carson, a undergraduate student in the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, who ranked first during the Spring Invitational undergraduate research poster presentation competition.

The LSU Food Science Club's College Bowl Team is very proud to be the winner of the IFTSA South Central College Bowl Competition 2017!

Student participants were Ryan Ardoin - Captain, Kennet Carabonte, Cameron Caso, Aaron Dumas, and Karuna Kharel. Kari Pujols, Food Science Club President, gave a presentation about the food science club activities at the area meeting.

Since 1985, the IFTSA College Bowl Competition has tested the knowledge of student teams from across the United States in the areas of food science and technology, history of foods and food processing, food law, and general IFT/food-related trivia.

The College Bowl is designed to facilitate interaction among students from different universities, stimulate the students' desire to accumulate and retain knowledge, and provide a forum for students to engage in friendly competition. Teams for IFT Student Chapters in eight geographical areas of the Student Association compete in area competitions prior to the IFT Annual Meeting. The winning teams from the eight areas then compete in a final competition at the Annual Meeting.

For more information on the IFT and the Quiz Bowl Competions see: IFT College Bowl

Three NFS Students Awarded Gulf Coast
IFT Scholarships

Alexander Chouljenko (left), a Ph.D. student, was awarded the 2017 Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories Scholarship for his abstract entitled: “Production of Oyster Flavor Powder from Byproducts of the Gulf of Mexico Oyster Industry.”

Jose Alonso (middle), a Ph.D. student, was awarded the Tom Quinn and Associates Scholarship for his abstract entitled: “Association of Brown Color and Sodium Reduction Claims on Saltiness Perception of Barbecue Sauce”.

Yupeng Gao (right), a Ph.D. student, was awarded the Gulf Coast IFT Scholarship for her abstract entitled: “Shelf Life Extension of Eggs Stored at 25C by Surface Coating with High Molecular Weight Water-Soluble Chitosan”.

Congratulations! All three students will be presenting posters or e-posters at the 2017 IFT Meeting and Expo in Las Vegas, NV during June 25-28, 2017.

NFS College of Agriculture graduate student wins awards

Alexander Chouljenko is a rising seafood technologist who graduated with his Master’s in Food Science and Technology from LSU in the Fall of 2013 and currently he has enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences. His master’s thesis was to evaluate the effects of vacuum tumbling with chitosan nanoparticles and water-soluble chitosan on the shelf life of cryogenically frozen shrimp. Based on this study, Alex has published three refereed articles in high impact journals in the field of food science and technology. He has published a total of 8 publications and was listed as a first author of three and Co-author of 5 articles. One of the publications has already been downloaded 100 times. Alex has received numerous academic awards, for example, he received first place for presenting his papers, titled “Combined cryogenic freezing and freeze drying techniques to produce nano-encapsulated fish oil” and “Effects of vacuum tumbling with chitosan nanoparticles on the shelf life of cryogenically frozen shrimp” at the 2014 (New Orleans, LA) and 2015 (Chicago, IL) Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Division’s Graduate Student Research Paper Competitions, respectively. The Gulf Coast Section of IFT and Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories presented him with the Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories scholarship in 2016. He also received a most prestigious IFT Feeding Tomorrow scholarship in 2016.

The LSU AgCenter has produced a short YouTube video about Alexander's work.

His Ph.D. dissertation research is focused on the production of oyster flavor powder from byproducts of the Gulf of Mexico oyster industry using a combination of hydrolyzation, adsorption, and spray drying technologies. He is closely working with Motivatit Seafoods in Houma, LA to conduct the proposed research. Dr. Subramaniam Sathivel, Food Processing and Engineering Lab served as Alex’s major advisor for his master’s study and is serving as major advisor for Alex’s doctoral study.

LSU College of Agriculture honors alumni, students, faculty

The LSU College of Agriculture Alumni Association honored alumni, students and faculty at a ceremony April 8. Left to right are Luke Laborde, alumni association president; Barbara Hughes Favre, daughter of Jeff Hughes, outstanding alumnus; Bradley Sartain, recipient of the Ray and Dorothy Young Endowed Assistantship in Louisiana Row Crop Integrated Pest Management; Colorado Robertson, outstanding young alumnus; Georgianna Tuuri, the Ann Armstrong Peltier Professorship in Dietetics; Jim Simon, outstanding alumnus; Ariel Bergeron, recipient of the K.C. Toups Memorial Les Voyageur Award; Phil Elzer, Meraux Foundation Supreme Champion Livestock Professorship; Morgan Richard, recipient of the Gerald and Norma Dill College of Agriculture Alumni Association Outstanding Senior award; and Bill Richardson, dean of the LSU College of Agriculture and LSU vice president for agriculture.

(04/13/16) BATON ROUGE, La. – The LSU College of Agriculture recognized outstanding alumni, students and professors at an award ceremony on April 8 at LSU’s Club at Union Square.

The alumni honored were Jeff Hughes, of Bogalusa, and Jim Simon, of New Iberia, who both received the outstanding alumni award, and Colorado Robertson, of Baton Rouge, who received the early career outstanding alumni award.

Hughes, a 1949 graduate with a degree in forestry, worked as a forest professional for Gaylord Container and its successors for 51 years before retiring in 1986. Hughes’s involvement in forestry continued as he began his second career as a consultant to Weyerhaeuser.

“Mr. Hughes has been instrumental in helping develop forestry legislation, environmental and land use policies and strengthening working relationships between foresters and wildlife managers,” said Luke Laborde, president of the college alumni association.

Simon, a 1983 graduate with a degree in agricultural mechanizations, worked in the banking industry for 20 years. He became general manager of the American Sugar Cane League in 2004. He is one of four U.S. sugar industry representatives on a team that negotiates sugar trade with Mexico.

Subramaniam Sathivel invited to Visit Kasetsart University, Thailand

Recently, Subramaniam Sathivel, Professor of Food Engineering was invited to collaborate on a project “Developing a Delivery System for Delivering Extracted Astaxanthin from Shrimp Processing Byproducts” at the Department of Fishery Products, Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University (UK), Thailand. Dr. Wanwimol Klaypradit, Associate Dean for International Affairs, UK and Dr. Maruj Limpawattana, Director of Cooperative Education, Siam University hosted Dr. Sathivel and discussed the project. As a result, a part of the project will be conducted at the LSU AgCenter’s Food Processing Pilot Plant at the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences. A Ph.D. student from Kasetsart University will be joining Dr. Sathivel in 2017 for conducting the proposed part of the study. Dr. Sathivel also provided a special lecture to undergraduate and graduate students and faculty members on “Utilization of Seafood Byproducts as Functional Ingredients.” The lecture was well received (please see the pictures).

Dr. Sathivel also took this opportunity to visit Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR), where he met Mrs. Chantara Phoonsiri, Deputy Governor R&D Bio-industries, Dr. Panida Banjongsinsiri, Senior Research Officer (formerly Dr. Louise Wicker’s Ph.D. student) and other members of TISTR. At that meeting, TISTR’s scientists and Dr. Sathivel discussed the current and future trends of food, pharmaceutical and natural products industries.

Dr. Sathivel was also invited to Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT), Pathum Thani, Thailand. Dr. Sathivel met with RMUTT delegates including Dr. Sirikhae Pongswat, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Dr. Wacharapong Worasethapong, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Dr. Nopparat Buddhakala, Head of the Division of Biology, and Dr. Arranee Chotiko, Lecturer of the Division of Biology (formerly Dr. Sathivel’s Ph.D. student). Dr. Sathivel presented a seminar on “Engineering Applications in a Food System” to undergraduate and graduate students and faculty members from the Division of Biology, Faculty of Science and Technology, RMUTT (see the pictures). As a result of Dr. Sathivel’s visit, RMUTT is very interested in establishing collaboration between LSU AgCenter and RMUTT.

Students Win Awards for IFT Presentations

[July 2015] Subramaniam “Sathi” Sathivel’s students from the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences (NFS) and Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) have won several awards for presenting papers at the 2015 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) annual meeting in Chicago.

In the last eight years Sathi’s students won 50 awards for presenting papers at international, national, and local scientific meetings. Indeed, one of his students was awarded a 2010-2011 (Institute of Food Technologists) IFT Graduate Fellowship and was also the recipient of the highly prestigious 2011 American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) Honored Student Award. Another student received the 2012 prestigious IFT Thermal Processing Specialists Scholarship. Sathi’s Ph.D. students from BAE and SNF received the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 IFT Graduate Fellowship, respectively.

Alexander Chouljenko, Arranee Chotiko, and Luis AlfaroAlexander Chouljenko won the first place ($1,000) for presenting Effects of Vacuum Tumbling with Chitosan Nanoparticles on the Shelf Life of Cryogenically Frozen Shrimp at the 2015 IFT- Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Division graduate student paper competition.

Arranee Chotiko won the second place ($750) for presenting Development of A Combined Low-Methoxyl-Pectin and Rice-Bran-Extract Delivery System to Improve the Viability of Lactobacillus plantarum at Gastrointestinal Conditions at the 2015 IFT-Biotechnology Division graduate student paper competition.

Luis Alfaro was a finalist (second place) for presenting Development of chitosan oligosaccharides powder and its effect on the quality of shrimp at the American Association of Food Scientists for the Indian Subcontinent (AAFIS) Division) graduate student paper competition.

Daniel FinkenaurDaniel Finkenaur, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, won the first place of $1500 for presenting "A development of lyophilized alginate microcapsules coated with egg white protein for enhancing viability of Lactobacillus reuteri" at the 2015 IFT undergraduate student paper competition.

Daniel competed with other universitie’s undergraduate students including University of Massachusetts Amherst, Washington State University, and Texas Tech University.

Wisdom Wardy Receives Fellowship and Scholarships

Diana Carvajal-Aldaz is Recipient of P.E.O International Peace Scholarship

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