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Ph. D. Students

Dorra Djebbi, PhD student Dorra Djebbi Simmons

email: ddjebb1@lsu.edu

“Being a member of Dr. Xu's team, I have been learning a lot about microbiology and Food safety. Working with both bacteria and viruses (human norovirus), I am getting a better understanding of these organisms and developing my own research interests for the future to make the world a better place!”

M.S. Students

Shifa-Shiraz, M.S. Student Shifa Shiraz

email: sshira2@lsu.edu

“The science behind safe food preparation and preservation to eliminate foodborne illnesses has always intrigued me. I am privileged to be part of Dr. Xu’s team, where we focus on understanding and proactively addressing consumer food safety challenges. I intend to spend my time at LSU to continuously study trending food safety topics and discover opportunities to contribute through my research”

Shifa-Shiraz, M.S. Student Austin Wong

email: awong@lsu.edu

“Food is everything. It represents culture, history, family, and has the power to trigger various emotions. My interest in food safety stems from my experience in the restaurant industry and studying biology throughout my undergraduate career. Understanding the characteristics and behaviors of certain food borne pathogens is essential in mitigating risk and ensuring a safe food supply.”

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