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Extension Publications


  • Xu, W., Cater, M., Navarre C.B., Coulon, D., Ahrens, C. 2017. Share the knowledge, not the illness: animal contact in public settings. Factsheet series.
  • Shirley, M., Watts, E., Xu, W. Armentor, M., May, S. 2017. Health benefits of seafood. Factsheet series.
  • Xu, W. 2017. Food Safety and You-for moms-to-be. Factsheet series.
  • Xu, W. 2016. Food Safety and You-food and water safety after flooding. Factsheet series.
  • Xu, W. and Jenny, B.F. 2016. Food Safety and You: The dangers of raw milk. Factsheet series.
  • Ivey, M. L., Xu, W. and Fontenot, K. 2016. Food Safety and You-Microbial safety of fresh produce in home gardens after flooding. Factsheet series.
  • Xu, W. 2015. Food Safety and You-Listeriosis. Factsheet series.
  • Xu, W. 2015. Food Safety and You-foodborne Botulism. Factsheet series.
  • Xu, W. Coulon, D. Welborn, N. and Navarre, C. 2015. Food Safety and You-The dangers of raw pet food diets. Factsheet series.

Magazine Articles

  • Xu, W. 2015. Prevent foodborne illness at home. Louisiana Agriculture. 58(4): p33.

Peer-reviewed publications

  • Xu, W., Cater, M., Gaitán, A., Drewery, M., Gravois, R., Lammi-Keefe, C.J. 2017. Awareness of Listeria and high-risk food consumption behavior among pregnant women in Louisiana. Food Control. 76:62-65.
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